The mistakes you’re making with your email marketing campaigns

You only have to check your inbox to know that companies have gone mad for email marketing.

While this is for very good reason (emails are a highly effective way of driving sales), if you find that you’re sending out campaign after campaign and you’re not getting results, you could be making some of these simple yet common mistakes.

Your subject line is bad

Your subject line is what makes people decide whether or not to open your email. When you have milliseconds to capture someone’s attention, it’s important to get it right.

  • Keep it short and sweet

  • Tell people how they will benefit from opening your email

  • Use a familiar sender name

  • Use personalisation

  • Create a sense of importance

  • Ensure your subject line is in-line with the content of the rest of your email

You didn’t get people’s permission to email them

If you send commercial messages to customers or prospective customers who haven’t personally subscribed to receive them, you are sending spam. Spam is bad because it not only damages your reputation, it’s also illegal. Furthermore, unsolicited messages typically have a miniscule return on investment.

There are typos

Nearly 80% of people say that spelling and grammar errors are the biggest email faux pas.

Other common bugbears include no subject line, excessive punctuation, profanity, a mix of font sizes and subject lines which are in capital letters.

Proofreading your emails before you send them out is so important. People will struggle to take you seriously if it looks like you couldn’t be bothered to give your content the once-over before sending it out.  

You’re not optimising your emails for mobile

According to a report carried out by State of Email earlier this year, 54% of emails are now opened on a mobile device.

If your emails aren’t optimised for mobile, regardless of how great your content is, more than half of your audience won’t be able to read it. When consumers were asked about what they do when they open an email on their mobile that doesn’t look good, responses included:

  • Nearly 70% said they simply delete it without even reading it

  • 18% unsubscribe

  • Less than 8% will read it regardless

There are no calls to action

Over-the-top sales emails are not recommended but failing to promote your product or service at all will also lead to low conversion rates.

Make it as easy as possible for people to click through to your website, find you on social media, get in touch if they have any questions or find the product/service you’ve been discussing in your email.  

If you would like help writing great email campaigns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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