How B2B companies can use social media more effectively

Big name brands and huge social media audiences seem to go hand-in-hand. Coca-Cola has 107 million Facebook followers, Nike has nearly 85 million Instagram followers and Starbucks has amassed a following of 30 million people across their social media pages.

Aside from being very well known household brands, the other thing these companies have in common is that they’re all B2C. While businesses that sell directly to customers seem to have a much easier time attracting followers, B2Bs have always had a tougher time achieving the same feat.

Why exactly is this?

The first issue is that you’re not selling to consumers – you’re selling to hardcore business people and it’s unlikely that they’re scrolling through their Facebook news feed at work. The audience you’re trying to reach is busy and it’s unlikely they want the distraction of social media during working hours.

Secondly, B2C marketing generally is easier. If you have a beautiful product, people will happily like and share it on social media. British Airways posting a photo of a stunning Caribbean island as one of their destinations is going to pique people’s interest a lot more than a photo of Sage’s latest accountancy software for example.

B2B lead generation is also lot more complex. Long sales cycles and lead nurturing processes don’t make for exciting social media content and it’s rarely a quick process either. While you could probably convince someone they want a can of coke by putting an advert in front of them, even Microsoft, one of the world’s most valuable B2B brands would struggle to persuade a company to install its software on all its computers off the back of just one post.

If you’re a B2B and you’re growing frustrated with the slow uptake of social media followers and engagement rates, it’s understandable that you probably want to throw the towel in. Remember though, it may take longer to get to where you want to be but there are plenty of benefits to be enjoyed from putting the work in.

Why you need a social media presence

If you’re not convinced social media is right for your organisation, here are just a few of the benefits your B2B stands to gain when social media is used correctly:

  • It builds brand awareness

  • It builds relationships with existing and potential customers

  • It helps with SEO

  • It enables you to understand your customers and their needs

How do B2Bs get social media right?

Many small business don’t think they need a strategy when it comes to social media. Instead of taking the time to plan how each post will move followers closer towards becoming customers, they simply share whatever content they happen to come across. Some are also guilty of going weeks, even months without updating their profile.

Unfortunately, this approach rarely attracts the attention that’s needed to truly grow a business. Developing a social media strategy before you begin posting can help you to be more productive and successful on your chosen platforms.

As well as coming up with a clear strategy, you also need to:

  • Identify who you’re targeting

  • Ensure you’re using the right platforms

  • Generate user-friendly content

  • Get your branding right

For more detailed information on getting your B2B social media strategy right, head over to The UK Domain where you will be able to find the full article.

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