How B2B companies can use social media more effectively

Big name brands and huge social media audiences seem to go hand-in-hand. Coca-Cola has 107 million Facebook followers, Nike has nearly 85 million Instagram followers and Starbucks has amassed a following of 30 million people across their social media pages. Aside from being very well known household brands, the other thing these companies have in common is that they’re all B2C. While businesses that sell directly to customers seem to have a much easier time attracting followers, B2Bs have always had a tougher time achieving the same feat. Why exactly is this? The first issue is that you’re not selling to consumers – you’re selling to hardcore business people and it’s unlikely that they’re sc

Outsourcing SEO versus doing it yourself: which is better?

A common question many SME owners ask is ‘should I do my own SEO or outsource to an agency?’ The truth is, the answer to this is more than likely going to come down to your personal circumstances. Do you have the skills needed to run your own social media pages, generate new content on a regular basis, conduct keyword research and run PPC campaigns? If you feel confident in your abilities to carry out these tasks, then by all means it’s worth giving it a go. If you have very little knowledge about the best SEO practices however, it’s going to be far more worthwhile to outsource this function. Do you have the time? Despite your best intentions, you haven’t updated your blog in six months and

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